Wags Pet Boutique Branding

Because of my love for animals, I decided to develop a complete brand for a store that sells pet products. The logo and rest of the brand are meant to convey the energy and movement of the animals we adore. I wrote and designed a full brand book for the company, as well as stationary. I also created many products for the brand including treat packaging and a handmade dog bed.

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Color logo and white logo Wags Inc. stationary, business cards, and envelope

Below is a dog bed using a company pattern featuring the Wags design mark. I designed and constructed the bed.

Dog bed made using one of the company patterns (Handmade by Krista Liebsch) Close up of bed pattern on dog bed

Here is a spread of the brandbook created for the pet boutique.

Company Brandbook: open to Who We Are and company Goals

Next are some products designed for Wags stores including: a tag for clothing or other merchandise, dog treat packaging, and dog bowls sporting the main company pattern.

Wags clothing tags and dog treat packaging Dog bowls decorated with a company pattern