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Hi, I'm Krista!

I am a designer, developer, and animator. I believe these crafts help people to live happier and easier lives and leads people to become more involved in the world around them. I have enjoyed learning about and practicing many different types of creating including photography, animation, print design, and web design/development. One of my favorite things about digital design is that you can always discover something new.

I graduated from South Dakota State University with a Graphic Design major, a Computer Science minor, and an Animation certificate. Though, I have also had some wonderful opportunities to learn beyond my schooling and expand my skills. I worked at Daktronics as part of the web team and as a digital artist for multiple years. In the last few years, these opportunities have allowed me to discover unfamiliar design software and programs and gain soft skills by working with others and for others. I look forward to furthering my knowledge and skills and making my contribution in the community of creators that are enriching people’s lives.

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